Welcome to The crap version of the Isles of Scilly Camera Obscura and Cabinet of Curiosities website.

Andrew, Be and Mabel are in charge of a tower which is an ex windmill which is now a camera obscura and cabinet of curiosities. You can contact them on Oh Seven Nine Oh Won, Sicks, Seven, Five, Three, Won, Won or you can email them: Andrew at combes 1 dot plus dot com, but replace the word 'dot' with actual dots, and replace 'at' with @ and don't use the spacebar until you begin your actual message, then compose it as normal.

Oh yep, they have a self catering place too should you want to stay in the area, and cater for yourself! The website is www.scillyselfcatering.co.uk

And if you've got any weird curios that need a new home, they might be interested in displaying them in their cabinet of curiosities. So, get in touch with them if you've got anything suitable for that.

And that's the end of this page. Disappointing eh?

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